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Pre-school Gymnastics Girls Gymnastics


Sign up for one of the exciting classes at Gymnastics Etc. today. We have classes perfect for every age and skill group. Contact our locally owned company today to learn more. Download the PDF below for our class list and more information.


Our Pre-school gymnastics program is focused on fun, energized exploration for our little ones. These are the times that our little tikes are learning all about their surroundings, their personal abilities and their socialization skills. We work hard on creating an environment for our kids to learn and explore in a safe, padded and fun-filled world. Our focus is not only for each child’s physical development but we also really focus on learning to follow instructions, follow a circuit, interact with other young children and adults different from mom and dad. It is our hope that we can help guide our gym kids through success in learning their locomotor movements as well as helping them grasp the social lessons needed to prepare for school.


Our Girls recreational gymnastics program is for children 5 years old and up and ranges from very beginning basic gymnastics at Level 1 up through advanced recreational skills at Level 3. Our girls rec. program is split up into 3 Main Levels of gymnastics and each of these levels are split up into 3 more sub levels (i.e. Level 1 Bronze, Level 1 Silver, Level 1 Gold – and the same for Level 2 and Level 3). We have broken our program into 3 Main Levels with 3 Sub-levels putting more focus on skill progressions and individual successes, each child will achieve small progression markers which will add together for movement to the next sub-level or main level in their training. As a staff we will be conducting individual evaluations on all our gym kids each 12 weeks. These evaluations will provide feedback on where your child is in their current level, if they are ready for the next level, if not ready then how close they are to that level, and what skills they have and are missing at that time for the next level. Please keep in mind that each 12 weeks we will need to take some class time to evaluate each child and complete our evaluations but we feel that these will be very helpful for both parents and children in their continued progress.


In this class, your child will work on all of the men’s gymnastics events: vault, high bar, parallel bars, rings, pommel horse, and floor. In addition to these, we really focus on building their strength and coordination while having fun!


In this class, we focus on their floor skills. We will teach them everything they need to know in order to get their back handspring. Once they have mastered that, they will move up in the leveling system and work on their round off back handsprings, multiple back handsprings, back tucks, falls, etc. We also offer flip flop shops to kids who want some extra time on that back handspring!


Our newest program is our Gymnastics Etc. Warriors class which is totally designed for the child who wants to attack and train small obstacles along with building strength, flexibility and personal agility. Our GE Warriors will incorporate circuits with obstacles, balancing games, strengthening tasks and problem solving situations all while trying to complete small courses quickly. We have made our lesson plans for the beginners up thru more advanced goals; the sky is the limit for each individual child.  We want to teach obstacle and strength training through fun, structured discipline and goal setting. Our GE Warriors will train safely and with the assistance of our Warriors instructors to help when needed. This program will be a blast for any child 5 years of age or older that is looking for some highly active problem solving.  


Age*: 5-16 years old  

3-4 years old (preschool class)

Class Duration: 1 hour

SUMMER 2018 Class List


This class is offered to all children that are walking up to 3 years of age. Our parent tot class is a world of discovery for both our parents and children.  Children at this age need an active environment to challenge them physically and mentally. This class is designed to enhance this learning experience and comfort zone by having mom and/or dad along for the ride.


Age*: Walking-3 year old children

Class Duration: 45 minutes


Our classes are designed to promote a positive movement experience while introducing children to the fun of gymnastics through structured lesson plans. We want all of our gym kids to safely explore and learn how to follow instructions and work alongside and with of other young children.


Age*: 3-4 year old children

Class Duration: 50 minutes

** Please note that ages listed for each program are guidelines we use.  All children develop at different rates and we will place each child appropriately in the program.

Boys Gymnastics Gymnastic class Registration Form


Our recreational cheer program is designed to introduce athletes to the sport and start developing a foundation for their skills.  Classes are open to girls and boys and are divided by age groups.  We focus on motion technique in cheers and dances, proper execution in jumps, and appropriate skill progression in tumbling and stunts - all while having FUN!  This is a great entry level for those looking to pursue our competitive cheer program in the future as well.  


Age*: 5 years and up  

Class Duration: 1 hour

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Schedule